• What Is A French Drain System?

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A French drain, which may also be called a curtain drain, permiter drain, is a gravel-filled trench that includes perforated or slotted pipe. These drains are used to direct surface water or groundwater away from a specific area. French drains direct surface water toward the lowest point and allow it to seep through the surface level gravel into the drain. The water is then collected in the perforated pipe, running at the base of the drain, and is directed to a disposal area or a more suitable area for infiltration.

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AquaFirst will professionally assess your drainage areas using a proven scientific approach to make sure there is no guesswork, only perfect results.

First things first We:

  • Where unwanted water is coming from

  • How fast water needs to flow away to avoid flooding

  • How much gravity is necessary to draw water away

  • What size catch basins and how many to use

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